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Health and wellbeing is a very intimate experience. To come closer to this experience, we need to take time out to get to know ourselves. Most often healing is the process, to find out, who we really are and what we need on our path to wellbeing. This process can be nourished, guided and supported. I offer you support on your personal healing path. 


Healing on an energetic level, is not limited by time and space. It can reach you over countries and continents. All it requires is a conscious decision to get to know your self and to be open to receive. 


A lot can unfold if we are open to receive.  



Every moment is auspicious and holds a tremendous potential for a healing transformation. Every moment holds the entire range of qualities from bright shining light to the deepest darkness. It is in our hands to choose. 


The beginning of Yoga is right now, in every moment again, fresh and vibrant as only a fleeting moment can be. This is the beauty of Yoga.  

We are looking at life as if we would see it for the very first time. Entering a pose, as if we would adjust our body for the very first time. 

Every thing is in the now. The practice of Yoga supports me on my path into the now.

The heart of every being, holds the stillness and strength of a mountain.