Energetic work is nothing special. We are all energetic beings, thats a scientific fact. 

Every thing that we can grasp with our senses, has an energetic signature. We can learn to perceive energy and work with what we perceive.

It is like training a muscle, the more you exercise the more precise your movement becomes. 

There are different schools which offer training and mastering of energetic work. 

I am a Reiki master, an associate Pranic Healer, I work with Access Bars and I work with quantum healing. In a healing session I use all the tools and methods, according to your need.  


I work with the chakras and the meridians and  a lot of what I do is intuitive.

You dont have to believe in Energetic Healing for it to work, but it is of help, if you are open to receive. 

I experience this work as very subtle, and yet the changes are profound. 

The most beautiful thing about energetic work is, that it does not care about distance and time. It travels where it is directed to. 

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Woman on a Deserted Road


1.You feel there is a possibility to improve your current situation?

Are you mentally exhausted, do you have a

physical problem or do you just somehow know, that life would have much more to offer you?

2. Get in touch with me

3. We fix time & date 

4. We meet in Person or in a virtual space

5.We evaluate your situation, your intentions and wishes 

6. We embark on a  journey together

Distant Healing session 


60min    |    110 CHF

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Every being has the ability to perceive energy.
We forgot how to use this gift, but we can relearn and use it for the greater good of all.

Above the Clouds


Access is designed to unlock the doors to your true potential. It provides me with a set of tools, which you could also say, is like a set of keys, opening locks which you were not aware, that you even have them. 

It is very gentle in its approach. Usually my clients feel like the received a deep tissue massage after an access bar treatment. 

But the changes that occur, on all levels of life, are quite astonishing. 

You got to try it, to believe it. 

Only in person

45 min    |    100CHF 

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