My Yoga practice has changed me and has evolved with me over time. 

Its a fluid exchange of information, which leads to a gentle transformation of body, mind and soul.

In the beginning it was a physical training for me, a practice which helped me to keep my mind focussed and my body strong, as well as flexible. 

After shifting to the wild forests of central India in 2008, my practice changed drastically. 

My formal Asana practice became my tool to survive. 

Breath work in combination with Asana, became a medium to work with emotional pain as well as working with boundless joy and happiness. 

Later my energetic work influenced my practice. Today I use the subtle energies to provide strength, grounding, rising and a feeling of being centred with in my physical body. 

I perceive Yoga as a very intimate way to get to know my self. 

Its a tool of expression, a key to receive knowledge and  a science of transformation.


Zoom Yoga


Throughout history Yogis practiced in hidden places, completely immersed in their practice with hardly any contact to the out side world. 

Today this is completely reversed. We have a choice of many Yoga Studios within the same city and online classes are booming more than ever before. 

Does it really serve us? 

For me this drastic change in the last few months has been a blessing. To share my practice and to connect with like minded people from all over the world keeps my practice alive and inspired. 

The definition of space and distance has changed. 

Get inspired and step into a shared space within your comfort zone. 

Im looking forward to practice with you 

Female Athlete

Gruppen Zoom Klasse


09.30 - 10.30

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Gruppen Zoom Klasse


18.30 - 19.30

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Private Yoga-Class in

Indian Time zone 

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Private Yoga-Class on Zoom